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Permanent Installation

Docker just packages up the compiling and installing of learn. If you have a UNIX or Linux system available and don't want to bother with Docker, you can clone the github repository and install learn permanently like so:

    git clone https://github.com/goblimey/learn-unix

    cd learn-unix/learn



    sudo make install

Users of the same computer can then run it like so:

    learn files

See the INSTALL file in the learn directory for more complex installations.

There are three programs, learn, lcount and learn.tee. Learn is the front end and the user only needs to find that.

The lessons are text files. They are stored in the lib directory which contains a directory for each course. Lesson 3.1a is in the file L3.1a, and so on.

The directory man contains the manual entries in nroff format. When running the docker image, type "man learn" to read the one for learn.

Volume 2 of the version 7 UNIX manual contains papers about different aspects of UNIX including one by Kernighan and Lesk on the learn system. That's available in PDF form from here.

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