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The Goblimey Scaffolder

1.3 Installing MySQL

The server produced by the scaffolder expects to access a database. At present it only supports MySQL, which is free and provides a relational database server. Download it from here. You need the community server and the tools. The tools work from a command window, so you might also find the workbench useful. The workbench provides a visual interface to manage your databases.

If you use the standard installation, the MySQL server will start up automatically and run in the background.

Once MySQL is installed, create a database. To do this using the command-line tools, start a command window (On Windows 7 use the Command Prompt option in the Start menu) and use the MySQL client. In this example I create a database called "animals" that can be accessed by the MySQL user "webuser" using the password "secret":

mysql -u root -p {type the root password that you set when you installed mysql} mysql> create database animals; mysql> grant all on animals.* to 'webuser' identified by 'secret'; mysql> quit

The user has all access rights, so it can create tables. The web server generated by the scaffolder can be configured to connect to this database as this user.

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