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Running Learn

Onc you've built the image, run it in a command window. (Under Windows, that's the same DOS Command window that you used to build the image.)

Run the image like so:

    docker  run  -it  --entrypoint=/bin/bash  learnunix

That starts the docker image running within a container and produces a prompt something like this:


Within the Docker session an account called "learner" is logged in. You will use that account to run learn. The system is prompting for a command. (The dollar sign at the end of the line is a prompt.) Run this command.

    learn  files

and you will see this:

        If you were in the middle of this subject
        and want to start where you left off, type
        the last lesson number the computer printed.
        To start at the beginning, just hit return.

Press the Return key (the Enter key) and the first lesson will begin.

You can do the lessons at your own speed.

Once you've finished the files course, do the more files course ("learn more files"). There are other courses, but they are less relevant to modern-day computing.

If you want to give up at any point, note the number of the last lesson you completed and shut the learn system down. To do that, hold down the CTRL key and type a single d (no return key needed). The learn command exits, freeing up your command window.

When you end the docker session (see later), all the files that you created in it are tidied away. Unfortunately, learn also forgets how far you got. That's why you need to keep a note of your last lesson number. When you start learn next time, you can give it a lesson number and it continues from that point.

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