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Shutting Down the Learn System

If you don't end the docker session tidily by typing CTRL and d, it will continue to run in the background, using up computer memory. You can end the session forcibly if you know its container ID. To find that out, start another command window and do this:

    sudo docker ps
That produces a list of running docker containers, something like:
    CONTAINER ID  IMAGE        COMMAND                CREATED        STATUS       PORTS     NAMES
    a5666adfd5d5  68b1841290ef "/bin/sh -c /usr/loc…" 2 minutes ago  Up 2 minutes 2101/tcp  happy_bassi

In that example, docker is running image 68b1841290ef in container ID a5666adfd5d5. Stop that container like so, using its container ID:

    docker kill a5666adfd5d5

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